Generative Random Tools  / Workshop / by Adam Kroll 

"Overdub & Play"Method

Experimental / Rhythmical / Dub Techno
Bandcamp / Soundcloud

Advanced Class 

Introduction / Workflow

Workshop contents:

Analyzing the DEMO TRACK(click)   
sample 1 / sample 2 / sample 3

  • Demo track with all randomizers inclusive for home exercises
  • Rebuilding the random tools:
  • Randomizing rhythms and melodies (demonstration of the principle with random tools)
  • Recording random sequences into Ableton Live - "Overdub & Play Method“

Goal of the "Overdub & Play" method is not to get stuck in a midi-matrix editor losing your workflow.

  • Equalizing
  • Gain staging
  • Reducing dynamics
  • BPM calculation / release time 
  • Sidechaining
  • Drumbus
  • Return effects / Sends
  • About noise & dub effects

  • Arranging a track
  • Simple pre-mastering
  • Saving your tools as a standard autoload preset
  • Tips & Trix



If your work-life-balance situation allows you to spend some time in your studio, congratulations! You are one of the lucky ones!

Do you have tons of unfinished albums on your computer?

Are you starting with a new track every time by losing the flow?

Do you think you still need much more time for polishing to get satisfied?

Bad news!

There will never be a PlugIn that will do this job for you!

Good news!

You worked hard to collect your gear? Now let the gear do the job for you!

There is a way to save lots of time during the process of creation.

There is a way to keep the flow and the motivation.

There is a way not to get lost in the midi-matrix-editor by a mathematical "brain-barbecue".

The generative random process shows you how to operate more with your ears, your heart and your gut instinct.

The mathematics behind every music system is the same, so of course we have to have a basic knowledge about it in this workshop, it's not for beginners. This time it's more about an intuitive workflow, the fun factor and having a concept.

By creating your individual autoload standard preset in Ableton Live will save all your generative random tools not to get the same "brain-barbecue" again and again.


Advanced class 

Duration / 1 day / 5hours

Location / Cologne

4 people max              80,-